Dry Needling

Having never had dry needling or acupuncture before I was unsure what to expect from it. Vickie talks you through everything she’s doing and I felt no pain when the needles were being inserted. I’ve mostly found it to be massively relaxing although I’ve had a few times where I’ve had some tingling along the muscle being treated. Ultimately it achieves in a few minutes what would usually take a good 10-15 minutes of massage and would definitely recommend it. Sarah Dutton, Brentwood

Sports Massage

Very knowledgeable and helpful always prepared to take the time to work on a solution to help with injury. Would definitely recommend to anyone in need of massage therapy Terry Estcourt, Warley, Brentwood

My back pain was unbearable when I went into my session. Vickie eased the pain dramatically. She also gave me some easy do-at-home exercises to help desist the general problem. Lisa Montgomery, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood

Recommended by a friend a couple of years ago and been going regularly since. It has really helped my sprinting and limited the number of times I have to go to see the physio for minor injuries. It is also nice to have a chat for a hour and put the world to rights! 🙂 Rachel Kerr, Shenfield, Brentwood

Over the years since I’ve had my shoulder injury, Vickie is the first professional including Doctors and Physiotherapists, that has explained how the injury has impacted the surrounding areas such as back, neck and arm. Vickie always explains what she is doing and why she is doing it. Vickie is very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Vickie Maher Massage Therapy. Julie Bailey, Billericay

The service and treatment vickie offers is great and I would highly recommend her. Stephanie Parnell, Brentwood

I have been suffering on and off since late 2012 with pain and heaviness in my left upper thigh when running distances of more than 5 miles. My Consultant recommended physiotherapy and Pilates, however, this did not meet my needs and I ultimately felt there was little improvement with regards to pain and discomfort I felt. Last year, a friend recommended visiting Vickie for an assessment and after much discussion and probing, Vickie provided me with an exercise program to strengthen my leg and to reduce the uncomfortableness I felt during and after running. I have been visiting Vickie every three weeks for the last year to have a leg flush. During this time I’ve suffered niggles and other aches associated with running and each time Vickie has given me strengthening exercises to combat the issue. In November 2015, I ran my first 10k event WITHOUT any discomfort since 2012. It was an absolutely wonderful feeling. I attribute this to Vickie’s masseuse skills, her expertise in her field and also the fact that she takes the time to listen and document our conversations so that she can get a full picture and understanding of my injuries and niggles so she can apply the most suitable treatment. Thank you Vickie, with your support I’ve been able to enjoy running again! Margaret Nolan

I am a triathlete and runner and have been seeing Vickie throughout my competitive season for recovery and preventative sports massage for 2 years. She has a great depth of knowledge, and is great at reacting to muscles that need a bit more attention. Our sessions always feel relaxed but still professional, as you always feel she genuinely wants to help you. I would recommend any of my friends to go and see her for treatment. Sophie Apps

I have known Vickie since she qualified in sports massage therapy and she has at all times been most professional.  She has relieved many an aching muscle and brough great relief to my tired body after an event Caroline, Romford, Essex

During my treatments with Vickie she has always made me feel comfortable and relaxed in her company. I have found Vickie to be extremely effective in allievating a muscular shoulder problem. Carol, Essex

Vickie is a friendly, open, professional and thorough in her approach to Sports Massage, making sessions fun and interesting. She is always on time, smart and enthusiastic, despite some session being late into the evening.  She is flexible in her approach, looking to accommodate people at short notice where possible and makes time to answer questions, either during the session or over the phone.  Vickie has a deep understanding of cause and effect, has the ability to interpret pains; as well as explaining, in simple terms, what the problem is or what she is doing.  She listens to what the client has to say; asking questions to gain further understanding and recognises where it may be necessary for the individual to consult another practitioner such as an Osteopath.  The variety of techniques she uses ensures that I leave the session feeling revived and that my niggles have been addressed. My flexibility is always improved and sports feel less strained.  I look forward to my sessions with Vickie and would definitely recommend her to anyone Steve, Essex

I was extremely impressed by Vickie’s level of knowledge and the skill and care that are so clearly evident in her work.  Most importantly, my injury was soon mended and I was able to return to my normal routine. Derek, London

I’m so very pleased my friend gave me the recommendation… for Vickie has really helped my problem. I no longer suffer with the same pains as I did before owing to Vickie’s care and course of treatment. Vickie is a friendly, kind young woman who seems to genuinely care for her clients well being. Deborah, Buckhurst Hill

Following Vickie’s resourceful and enlightened treatment, it is now not only possible to run a little but also to punt a rugby ball high into the air! John, Brentwood

I cannot recommend Vickie too highly.  Her caring, professional attitude together with her punctuality and neat appearance will continue to inspire confidence in patients and colleagues alike. Angela, Brentwood

I started to hear good things about Vickie from other gym members and decided to go and see her.  From my initial twice-weekly visits to once a month maintenance visits, she has transformed me – my back feels so much more mobile and relaxed, my neck pains and headaches have disappeared.

I am 41 years old and have had scoliosis since I was a child, which means I suffer from a lot of stiffness and pain in my back, which in turn refers itself to other areas of my body.  I also broke my collar bone a few years ago which exacerbated the problem. Vickie is incredibly professional, she is obviously very knowledgable and yet she remains sensitive and approachable while making you laugh through the (occasional!) pain. Lynn, Bulphan

I suffer from muscular spasms regularly and the deep sports massage that vickie gives is the best I have ever had.  I suffer from Sponydlyitis which effects my back/shoulder/chest/knee joints as well as severe endometriosis and scoliosis of the thoracic spine.  Since being diagnosed approxiamately 7 years ago, I have undergone countless operations, treatment with various physiotherapists / pain specialist but have remained in dail pain.  I can honestly say that since seeing Vickie I have been given back some quality of life.  Not only does she excel in massage, her knowledge of the body and its mechanics is outstanding. Molly, Warley

Without a doubt the sessions, which I have had with vickie, have been the best I have experienced. Moira, Gidea Park

After years of osteopaths and physiotherapists I am convinced that Sports Massage Therapy how worked the best for me. Vivien, Upminster

So professional, reliable, committed to finding a cure for me and also so friendly and genuinely interested in the “whole” picture. Melvin, Ilford

I found Vickie to be efficient, professional in every way and a very good Sports Massage. In addition vickie explained to me the importance of stretching before and after working out – this bit of information has in fact eliminated the hamstring problem that I had and in addition cleared up various other ‘leg problems’ that I previously suffered from. Martin, Chigwell

I find Vickie’s professionalism to be impeccable, she is always willing to try out new techniques.  The two times I came to Vickie before fitness tests as part of my Refereeing I passed and I value the time with Vickie as a factor to my success. Jamie, North Weald

I’ve suffered with back ache/pain for several years but have found Vickie’s massage techniques to being the most effective in releasing tension and knotted muscles…especially during my pregnancy. Amanda, Woodford Green

Event Work

Incredible. Merci Vicky Cazou, France – London 2012

Much needed loosening up of stiff shoulders after long hours in the IBC. Thanks Vickie Harvard, Sweden – London 2012

Vickie → Game Changer! J Tellis, USA – London 2012

Vick was fantastic! Thanks Paul Armstrong, UK – London 2012

Vickie made my day. Shoulder all fixed! Mike Wise, Washington DC – London 2012

Vickie was INCREDIBLE!! Jackie Decker, New York – London 2012

Vicki was great! Terry, Ireland – London 2012

I am so grateful, it’s so much better. Thank you so much Vickie! Eric, Switzerland – London 2012

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My clinic is based in west Brentwood, Essex.  It is walking distance from the High Street and Brentwood Rail Station; and a short drive from J28 of the M25, free parking is available on the drive.

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