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Rocktape in Brentwood

What is it?

Athletic tape or kinesiology tape was originally developed in the 1970’s in Japan.  Since then many organisations have worked with and developed the tape.  Rocktape have formulated an athletic tape that instead of restricting movement it works with movement; stretching up to 180% of its original length.

What are the effects of Rocktape?

When applied with little or no stretch a biomechanical lifting of the skin is created, thus decompressing the tissue just under the skin; this has three main effects:

Fluid Effects:

  • Promotes more normal fluid dynamics
  • Reduces swelling
  • Removes toxins from inflammation or injury
  • Increased blood flow capacity, therefore increase oxygen and nutrient delivery to cells
  • Dramatically improves the condition of swollen and bruised tissue

Mechanical Effects:

  • External gravitational pressure between layers of skin, muscle and bone is reduced
  • Normalises slide and glide mechanics between these layers
  • Possible increased range of movement as a result of this

Neurological Effects:

  • Application of tape stimulates menchanoreceptors on the skin, which are involved in movement awareness (proprioception)
  • Proprioception is improved which can reduce ‘bad habits’ and pain by adjusting movement patterns
  • By decompressing the connection between skin and muscle, nerve endings for pain receptors that reside here have reduced pressure placed upon them. Therefore are less stimulated during muscle contraction
  • Decreased / eliminated pain with movement

Rocktape can also be applied with a stretch, especially at sites of strained, torn or weakened tissue.  At these sites it provides functional stability and enhanced tissue snapback when returning to a neutral position.

I may decide to use Rocktape as part of your treatment, if this is the case I will discuss the use of the tape and give homecare advice.  It may be necessary to clipper excess hair for a more effective application.


There is no extra cost for the application of Rocktape when used as part of a normal treatment.  If you only require a tape application only, 15 minute appointments are available for testing-taping-retesting.  These can be useful for those familiar with Rocktape and require taping for an event for example.

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