A physical therapy which stimulates the healing process of soft tissue resulting in pain relief and restoration of healthy physiology


Medical Acupunture / Dry Needling in Brentwood

What is it?

Medical Acupuncture / Dry Needling is a supplementary treatment using fine needles that when inserted into specific points adjust neurological signals to the brain.  In response endorphins are released which suppress pain receptors, thus adjusting the tone and contractile status of the muscle; having a therapeutic effect on muscular pain relief (not pathological conditions).

How does it differ from traditional Chinese medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the philosophy of Qi, Ying, Yang and Meridian lines throughout the body.  Medical Acupuncture follows Westen approved anatomy and physiology principles.  Insertion points of the needle may at times correlate with meridian points by coincidence but they are inserted in sites deemed necessary.  The number of needles used and further treatment is specifically tailored to the requirements of the patient and treatment plan.

What are the effects of medical acupunture / dry needling ?

The fine needles are inserted into areas of highly irritable localised sites within the muscles; these are known as Trigger Points.  It is not completely understood as to the causes of Trigger Points or their referred pain but the main aim of MA/DN is to sedate these points and the pain they cause.  This is done by affecting the site of insertion, its dermatome area and neurological signals to the brain.

Localised Effect:

  • Inserting an item that the body sees as potentially harmful irritates the nervous system, this can be seen as a Local Twitch Response
  • Controlled irritation causes an increase in localised blood flow (with it nutrients and oxygen) through vasodilation. As a response to the healing process
  • Enzyme release inhibits pain receptors, therefore decrease in localised pain

Segmental Effect:

  • The body is divided into dermatomes; each dermatomes is an area of skin that is innervated by a single spinal nerve. When a needle is inserted into an area within a specific dermatome the whole segment is affected
  • Nerve irritation from the needle stimulates a region within the brain. In turn analgesics (pain killing chemicals) in the form of endorphins are released; thus inhibiting pain sensory

Neurological Effects:

  • Inhibitory pain sensory feedback signals the specific muscle/site to reduce muscle contraction or spasm. Reminding it to relax.

Although it is a very effective treatment it is not for everyone.  I use this technique within my normal treatment sessions.  I shall discuss its use and appropriateness with you should it be thought advantageous to your condition.


Medical Acupuncture will be incorporated within a normal treatment, there is no additional charge for the use of the needles.


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