Freedom Day – Monday 19 July 2021

July 17, 2021 | vickie
How Does This Effect Your Treatment?
The short answer is …It doesn’t.
Despite the Government relaxing laws for wearing masks, social distancing etc to the wider population these changes DO NOT apply to close contact services.
With the numbers rising into tens of thousands daily I had no intention in changing any of my policies or work practices as I feel the way I operate is good practice in the current situation. I have a number of immune supressed clients and will do everything in my power to keep them safe while they are in clinic.
I received word yesterday from my professional association and the GCMT to confirm that the Governments guidance states that close contact services should continue to operate as they have been with all mitigations in place.
This was re-assuring for me, I must say.
Here’s a quick reminder of all of my practices and policies:
•Video consultation the day before treatment
•Covid Screening Forms to be completed prior to treatment
•QR Code for Track and Trace is available
•You must wear a mask throughout the treatment
•I will be in full PPE throughout the treatment
•You are to bring minimal belongings with you, but you must bring your own water
•Hands are to be washed prior to treatment
•Temperature will be taken and recorded prior to treatment
•Maximum time spent in the clinic room, with minimal talking
•Door to be open ajar during treatment, for ventilation
•Maximum 15 mins spent in the High Risk Zone (head and neck when laying face up or seated)
•Payment is via contactless card or bank transfer. If paying by cash this must be the correct money in a sealed envelope.
•30 mins between clients to allow for a thorough clean, change of linen and ventilation

Going Overseas?

I don’t know about you but I am can not keep up with which country is on the Red, Amber or Green Lists. They seem to be changing daily along with the rules for quarantining on return.
Therefore, to prevent any confusion and to omit any risk for my clients, my family and myself I have decided to enforce a blanket rule for ALL clients returning from OVERSEAS travel, regardless of vaccination status…..
If you currently have an overseas holiday booked with a treatment scheduled within two weeks of your return please contact me to rearrange your treatment.
I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause but I hope you agree this is for the safety of everyone.
I am very much looking forward to the day when this will be all a distant memory, but I fear this is a long way off yet.
Thank you for your cooperation
Stay safe and look after each other….
Vickie x

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