Update Spring 2021

March 17, 2021 | vickie

This time last year…..

Did you know that 1 year ago today I conducted my last “normal” treatment, with not a mask or visor in sight? In those 365 days I have been “open for business” for just 100 of them, and alas we need to wait a bit longer.

As it stands I am still looking to reopen on Monday 12 April.  I am not in the position to take bookings just yet as I want to wait for further guidance closer to the time.  I am curious as to whether there will be a prerequisite that patients, as well as myself, will have to take a lateral flow test. And if so, is there is a trade off and we can have the door closed for example???  I am busy amending my Risk Assessment procedures and my Screening Forms to allow for this just in case. But I predict practices to be the same or very similar to that of when I was open last summer.

When the time is right, hopefully the first week of April, I will contact those who had treatments cancelled to offer appointments first; I will then contact those who have been in touch requesting for appointments.  Once these have been offered an appointment I will then open my books to the wider community, so please bare with me.

So what has 2021 brought me so far ?

Not one to sit about, I have been continuing with my studies, I have been working my way through my Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Therapy, we are currently at the stage where over the next few months as well as home practice and theory I will be participating in online Zoom tutorials.  MFR UK (the school from which I am learning through) are hoping that by the autumn we can get in a physical face to face workshop and hopefully graduation will be shortly after.

Along side this I am participating in a Body Reading Pro course, looking at how wonky everyone is and how this may effect the incidences of injuries and dysfunction; looking at fascial pulls to see how this effects dysfunction also.

Back in January I signed up as a volunteer for our local Mutual Aid Charity to help out at the local vaccination centres or where needed.  Essex has really pulled together and thousands of people have put their hands up to help out, which is fantastic.  Although I have yet to receive a shift at a vaccine centre I have completed 7 shifts helping with the Serge Testing in the CM13 area, after a single case of the SA variant was identified there. Based at the ACL centre in Hutton Poplars I distributed and received PCR tests from local residents and businesses. At the end of the first week approximately 9,500 tests were carried out which is outstanding considering the total eligible population was just over 10,000. It was such a great experience, morale was high and everyone was grateful and in good spirits.

I have had my first jab!!!

When the new parameters for vaccination priorities were set out at the end of February I received an email saying I am now considered High Risk and should shield, I was most confused and couldn’t think why this would be the case.  Unsure if this was a Scam email or not I contacted the doctors; apparently they had me down in the 70-74 age bracket, which I thought was a bit harsh!!

The following week I received my invitation from the NHS to book in my vaccination.  Not wanting to jump the queue I contacted my doctors once more.  This time to be told that because I had gestational diabetes whilst pregnant with my son I was in the ‘diabetes’ category and that I should go ahead an have my jab, so I did!!!  I received the Oxford AZ vaccine, the whole process was really easy, but that evening and the following day I did suffer with shivers, sweats, a pounding headache and some tiredness.  The day after that I was right as rain and have been since!

Spring has Sprung!

I will be in touch with more news soon, in the meantime I hope you get to enjoy the bright mornings, longer evenings, the Daffodils, the Crocuses, the Bluebells and all that Spring brings!

Stay safe!!

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