Good Riddance 2020; 2021 Please be kind!

December 15, 2020 | vickie

My Christmas Wish..

At the time of writing this we have 10 days to go until Christmas Day, we had booked a panto, but that got cancelled, so we looked at alternatives and settled on an afternoon tea in an igloo at Somerset House, but now we are in Tier 3 that got cancelled too. I don’t think we will even get to go to my beloved Leeds Castle before Christmas. So we have decided, this year for the first time, it will be just the four of us, at home, in our pyjamas playing games, watching films and eating…lots!!!
If anything this year has really taught us what is important, we don’t need the fancy stuff, we just need us.


I would really like to start this newsletter off with a great big “thank you”. Thank you for your understanding, your patience, and more than anything your support.  In total I have been closed for 192 days of 2020 either due to lockdown restrictions or shielding.  It’s been tough, strange and challenging at times but it’s something that had to be done for the greater good.

I would also like to thank all those who sent on well wishes for my Dad, he is doing well, on lots of meds but he is able to go out for his daily walk.  He is due to have 3 more stents put in and this is scheduled for 15 January so hopefully it will all go ahead without a hiccup.

New for 2021

Earlier this year, in between lockdowns, I discovered something that really saddened me.  Talking to some of my ScarWork clients I had discovered that new mums do not received much professional aftercare once they have a baby.  My kids were born over 10 years ago and in another country so I had nothing to compare this with, so I consulted a Midwife friend of mine. Did you know the Midwives only see mum and baby up to 10 days post birth? Then at 6 weeks they get an appointment with the Health Visitor, who has a quick check to see if anything major is occurring, if not, then they are all signed off and sent on their merry way. I am not putting any blame or resentment towards the midwives or health visitors but as a Western society we really do not give the mother enough time to recovery or heal from such a life changing event.  In many Eastern cultures new mums do not do anything except recuperate and feed the baby for 100 days after delivery, all cleaning, cooking and other chores were left to the wider family.

Now, I am not volunteering to do house work or chores for anyone but what I can do is help with the physical and emotional recovery that many new mums need.  I just needed a bit more information, so I am pleased to announce I am now an Advanced Post Natal Wellness Practitioner.  All of this is with a view to offer a Post Natal Care Package, this will include massage (of course), ScarWork (if needed), physical exercises to help with diastasis recti, pelvic floor issues and regaining strength for a fully functional life, nutritional advice and a safe, confidential place just to be, to debrief, to reset and prepare for the exciting times ahead.  I am currently developing a programme for this package, I want to include some goodies and am in the process of getting everything in place.  What this space for more details and a launch date!!!

More Learning!

I think I have a learning addiction!!!

Back in 2019 I completed an introductory CPD in Myofascial Release, I was due to follow it up with Part 2 in June this year, then Covid happened and that was cancelled. With everything going on and no idea of when normality will resume Ruth and her team at MFR UK have taken the opportunity and revamped their courses.  Instead of just CPD courses they have evolved to become actual qualifications.

I have recently started my studying towards gaining a Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Therapy. It involves over 200 hours of learning plus workshops and case studies so it is a bit of a commitment , but by blocking out Monday mornings and Wednesdays I am hoping to complete it all within the year.

This technique is fascinating! Very different from the kind of massage I normally offer but extremely effective for dealing with fascial dysfunction and trigger points that result in both chronic and acute pain and a plethora of other conditions.  I look forward to telling you more about it as I work my way through the course!

Re-Opening 4 January

At present I plan on re-opening clinic on Monday 4 January, subject to any local restrictions in place at the time.  The format will be as before; a video consultation will take place prior to the clinic appointment, clinic time is limited to 45 mins, with PPE and hygiene measures in place.  I am now required to take your temperature upon arrival and have purchased a contactless hand held thermometer for this purpose. Due to all the added requirements I am less flexible with the hours I offer, however, I have extended my hours where I can and added Friday appointments during school hours to make up for it.

I only have one or two slots available for my first week back but there is more choice thereafter.  So please do get in touch to book your next treatment.

All that remains for me to say is I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, stay safe and look after each other

Where to find me

My clinic is based in west Brentwood, Essex.  It is walking distance from the High Street and Brentwood Rail Station; and a short drive from J28 of the M25, free parking is available on the drive.

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